Annie Dookhan And The Massachusetts Drug Lab Crisis

Mass. Man Cleared Of Drug Charges


BOSTON — A Massachusetts man who spent 15 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted in the murder of a 12-year old girl has been acquitted of unrelated drug charges.

A Roxbury District Court judge acquitted Shawn Drumgold on Friday.

Drumgold was arrested during a 2011 drug raid in Roxbury where bags of cocaine and heroin were found.

His lawyer focused much of her defense on the chemist at the center of the state drug lab scandal because Annie Dookhan’s initials were found on evidence documents in the case.

Judge David Weingarten did not mention Dookhan or the scandal in his ruling.

“I don’t think the commonwealth has shown constructive possession,” Weingarten said.

The target of the drug raid, who lived in the house, was not arrested that night.

Drumgold claims his arrest was retaliation for a $14 million verdict he won against the Boston Police Department for violating his civil rights when he was convicted of murder.

The city is appealing that verdict.


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