Annie Dookhan And The Massachusetts Drug Lab Crisis

Reviewer Is ‘Confident’ State Has ID’d Everyone Affected By Drug Lab Crisis



Above: WBUR’s Deb Becker interviews attorney David Meier.

It was one year ago that Gov. Deval Patrick appointed Boston defense attorney David Meier to determine exactly how many criminal cases were affected by the state drug lab crisis.

After going through millions of documents from the criminal justice system and the now-closed Hinton Drug Lab, Meier submitted a report to the governor that said roughly 40,000 people’s criminal cases were affected by former chemist Annie Dookhan, who is charged with falsifying drug tests at the lab.

More than 300 people have been released from prison because Dookhan tested the evidence involved in their cases.

WBUR’s Deborah Becker recently sat down with Meier, who says some of the bigger questions about the extent of the scandal are the subject of investigations by the attorney general and inspector general. He also said he’s confident his review has found all of the cases where Dookhan conducted the testing:


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